A Slice of LIFE

Look at what Lil and I found at Half Price Books over the weekend, an over 70 year old Life magazine. There was a small rack filled with them. Most of them looked really old and frayed. This particular one caught our attention because unlike the others, it looked like it was in good condition and the cover featured our favorite hobby, knitting. 🙂


Lil was quick to notice that the magazine only cost 10 cents back then and we paid $10 for it now.  We were mainly curious of what types of articles and advertisements they featured. We were pleasantly surprised to see how the pages were really clean except maybe for a slight discoloration. Here are some of the highlights.

Before digital film (and when saying the word “swell” was hip)


Before internet radio


The original home shopping network before online shopping.


Any Mad Men fans out there, this ad will definitely bring back Don Draper moments.


Real moments in history were also captured in these pages like this warplane flying over California.


A candid moment between allies, President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Sir Winston Churchill.


And who can forget Bob Hope, I remember watching him on television and laughing at his jokes and antics.


Before paparazzi. Gary Cooper and Ernest Hemingway’s family together on holiday.



Towards the end of the magazine we finally found a page featuring the cover and showing a pictured step by step on  “How to Knit”.


It was a fun, educational and entertaining experience for Lil and I to look through the pages of a magazine that carried a lot of important history. Certainly gives you a better perspective and appreciation for what you have.


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  1. coreymp says:

    LOVE this!!! Thanks for sharing.

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