Fresh Beat Band Kid’s Party

Over the weekend, my little miss sunshine Emmy turned three and had a super fun time in her Fresh Beat Band themed party.  The Fresh Beats are four best friends (Twist, Shout, Kiki and Marina) who are in a band who go to music school together and love to sing and dance. Emmy loves their fun upbeat characters, music and storylines. She especially loves Marina (original Marina from Season 1 & 2) who plays the drums and wears a teal blue dress shirt.


For her party, Emmy dressed as Marina in her semi-homemade costume. I had the hardest time finding the right shade of teal blue shirt for her costume given that all the girl’s clothing racks only had pink, yellow, orange shades of color. Finally found one at Marshalls. I used fuschia colored felt paper for her belt and sleeve trims, a glittery pink foam sheet for her belt buckle, velcro for belt closures and glittery sticker for belt buckle accent.  Here’s Emmy sporting her Marina costume and blowing her kazoo. 🙂


Here’s a better pic showing her Marina belt.


Lil dressed as Kiki who plays an electric guitar. We also made a DIY Kiki’s Rockin’ Guitar for Lil. Here’s Emmy trying it out.


Materials for Kiki’s Rockin’ Guitar: (Lil and I loved this project because we got to recycle and use materials we already had at home)

Small Rectangle Oatmeal box or Hot chocolate box (we used this for the base)

Long Cardboard roll from last year’s Christmas wrapping paper (for guitar neck)

Any colorful wrapping paper

Four rubberbands (for guitar strings, thinner rubber band makes a higher note sound and thicker makes a low note sound)

Four foam beads (for turning pegs)

Black wide ribbon for guitar strap (any bright color will do too)

8 1/2 X 11 cardboard for guitar face plate

Clear scotch tape, glue

A little imagination and creativity and you’ll get the job done

ChildrenBooksJan2013 017

ChildrenBooksJan2013 019

ChildrenBooksJan2013 022

ChildrenBooksJan2013 023

ChildrenBooksJan2013 024

ChildrenBooksJan2013 026

ChildrenBooksJan2013 027

ChildrenBooksJan2013 028

ChildrenBooksJan2013 029KikiGuitar2013 002

Emmy’s party was a last minute plan and after all the running around to secure a venue, get all the party details together (games, cake, food, goodie bags and costumes) at the end of the day these two happy faces made all the hard work all worth while.




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