My Go to Recipes

I’m not always the most inspired cook in the kitchen. So it’s nice to have quick and easy recipes to go to for “I don’t know what to cook” days. One of my favorite and the kid’s too is a chicken piccata recipe from America’s Test Kitchen. I buy chicken breast tenders rather than regular chicken breast. Love that it’s minimum prep time and I usually always have the main ingredients at home. Plus, both girls clean up their plates without extra encouragement.

NovDec2012IPhone 756

NovDec2012IPhone 757

For my indian food cravings, I go to Show Me The Curry. I recently tried their chicken curry recipe and was delighted at how easy it was to make and how yummy it was. Their recipes asks for chicken thigh and legs and black cardamom but I used chicken wings and green cardamom and dish was delicious. Oh and I boiled some eggs on the side. My kids and husband will eat egg with almost every dish. Happy Cooking! 🙂

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