Discovery and Inspiration

Thanks to my sister Corey M.P.’s recent children’s book Goodnight World, I’m all the more inspired  to work on a children’s book idea I’ve been sitting on for the last two years.

The theme for my upcoming children’s book was initially prompted by Emmy’s 4 month old milestone.  The camera happy mommy in me wanted to make sure I documented the day by taking pictures and video.  Emmy was sitting in her usual favorite bouncy chair and watching the little toy animals in front of her. Her eyes showed pure joy and entertainment. She would occasionally stretch out her arms and flail them around in an attempt to reach and touch the dangling toys. A few more attempts and what followed surprised us both. She was able to get hold of the monkey toy. Her eyes were filled with amazement. She tugged at it and held it tightly. Released it and reached out and grasped the toy again. I felt the same joy when I saw Lil and Emmy take her first baby steps. As simple as this may seem, what amazed me was Emmy’s discovery of the sense of touch and her presence in that moment. See her priceless reaction below.

Emma4MonthMay272010 005

I can’t wait to finish my little book and dedicate it to my two avid readers Lil and Emmy, after all they are my inspiration!  In the meantime, stay tuned for more details to come. Back to work for me. Happy Reading!

Lil at 6 months old reading her then favorite book, “Winnie the Pooh, Senses”.

April29Visit 014

Here’s Emmy a little over a year old, attempting or pretending to read a Jane Austen novel. 🙂




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