After the Rain (2012)

The busy year end festivities have kept me from posting these photos. Here are some random photos (flowers, sky, trees) I’ve taken while on a walk with Emmy or running errands. They were mostly taken after the rain.

One day, on my way to Target, I noticed this flower vine and loved the way the flower looked.

NovDec2012IPhone 728

I call the next photo, “flower of hope”. Growing up in the Philippines, typhoon season was a common process in the changing of the seasons and the rain could be devastating to everything around it.  It always amazed me to see one singular flower standing strong and blooming. This photo reminded me of those days.

NovDec2012IPhone 1233

I’ve always liked seeing holly bushes especially during the Christmas season.

NovDec2012IPhone 1219

I like the way the pine cones scales added texture to the ground outside Lil’s school. Emmy had been picking yellow flowers along the way and had dropped one on them and with some rearranging I thought it made a pretty good picture.

NovDec2012IPhone 1259

NovDec2012IPhone 1269

NovDec2012IPhone 1272

The next two just spoke the word, ominous.

NovDec2012IPhone 1274

NovDec2012IPhone 1339

I end this post with my favorite “star tree” not sure what the tree is called but love the way its leaves look and spiky ball looking fruit. Happy New Year everyone!

NovDec2012IPhone 1405


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  1. coreymp says:

    Beautiful photos! Quite inspiring. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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