What A Girl Wants

Yesterday, I received a surprise Christmas package from my dear friend Joann and guess who volunteered to help Mommy open it.

Dec222012 027

Gift #1, bag organizer perfect for tote bag and makes it easy changing purses. Or hat per Emmy.

Dec222012 030 Dec222012 031

Gift #2, Fossil wallet.

Dec222012 033

Gift #3, stylish necklace. Definitely going to wear it on my next night out with my friends or date night 🙂 Emmy just had to try it on.

Dec222012 037

Gift #4, super soft scarf. Emmy kept saying, “It’s beautiful Mommy. Soft.”

Dec222012 041Dec222012 045

Dec21to222012 056

Thank you again Joann! They will all be put to good use and looks like I’ll have some competition. 😉



2 Comments Add yours

  1. nikita2471 says:

    I like that “hat” on Emma! It suits her! Haha! You know, when you texted me necklace, I had forgotton I put that in the box! I was all,…”GAH, WHAT NECKLACE???” I got that for you in September and put in the box! Am glad you like them all! That bag organizer is the same one I use in mine every day! Just be warned that it will encourage you to put more stuff in it! LOL!

    1. cmbanerjee says:

      lol, I’ll do a post next on what goes in that bag organizer. Let’s see how much we can put in it 🙂

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