In Bloom

“The sun’s out Mommy!” (hint, hint let’s go to the park). Emmy’s cheery mood is infectious and so today I’m posting some of my favorite random photos of flowers I’ve taken with Emmy over a period of time.  This one’s for you my Little Miss Sunshine 🙂

This was taken a couple of weeks ago after the rain. We were standing at our usual waiting spot at Lil’s school when I noticed the ground was covered with pine cone scales. I loved the way its natural texture looked. So I initially took a photo of that. Emmy was holding a bunch of yellow flowers we had picked along the sidewalk. One of the flowers fell off to the ground and my photo happy eye caught sight of this. With a little rearranging, this was the final shot.


My mom and I love cherry blossoms. Luckily, we have a handful of these trees in our neighborhood. I always look forward to seeing the flowers bloom in the springtime. Here’s a picture I took last spring.


I took a photo of these  interesting flowers while visiting the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz. I thought they resembled beautiful tassels or lanterns.

MonterySCSept2011 150

Finally, here’s another interesting looking flower, I took a photo of over summer 2011.  If you recognize or know what the other three flowers are called (except cherry blossoms) please share their names, I’d love to know! Enjoy your day, Emmy and I are off to play at the park!

6-22-2011 046


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