My Favorite Things

There’s nothing more that makes me happy when I see families celebrate the holiday season together.  Here are some things I love to see, make and share during the Christmas season.

Sweet Gestures:

Who doesn’t like fudge? I usually make these for our neighbors and package them in these cute holiday see through boxes. I got them from Target’s $1 section.

My Fave Things 2012 017

Stocking Stuffers:

Movie tickets are always a hit during Christmas especially with my twenty something age cousins.

My Fave Things 2012 045

Before Midnight:

I keep the little ones busy with DIY Christmas cards. They always have fun doing arts and crafts. Definitely a good break from watching television or playing video games.

My Fave Things 2012 015

Flowers of the Season

Growing up, I was accustomed to the fresh minty scent of eucalyptus trees and seeing poinsettia flowers grow right out of our garden every Christmas. Love red poinsettias, they definitely add holiday color to any room.

December112012 016


Anyone whose grown up in a Filipino household will agree that Ginataan dessert (coconut soup based dessert with tapioca pearls, sweet rice balls, and plantains) is always a crowd favorite during Noche Buena feast. A week ago, my good friend Rose dropped by and brought us some Ginataan. It sure hit the spot. Thank you Rose!

My Fave Things 2012 050

At Midnight

Sharing good fortune with your family is always fun even is you don’t have a truck load of cash. Everyone enjoys opening  and eating these fortune cookies.

My Fave Things 2012 001

Through the Years

Isn’t this so true…

December112012 034


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