DIY Bento Lunchbox

As promised, I said I would post our DIY Bento lunch box. This was inspired by a mommy friend’s (thanks Mommy Emma) recent post of website, MOMables where they show quick, easy and healthy ways to pack lunches for school kids. The challenge is to steer away from the processed Lunchables you get from supermarkets and create a fresh and healthier version of it.

MOMables sells bento lunchboxes for $12.99-$19.99. I thought that was a little too pricey. Then I remembered Daiso sold bento lunch boxes for less than $10. So last weekend, Lil and I visited Daiso to find her a bento box (lunchbox with compartments) but they didn’t carry any this time. So we opted with buying their generic clear lunch box, stainless steel mini snack boxes and colorful silicone ramekins (you can also use cupcake liners/holders). We spent $6. You’ll see clear lunch box pictured below with food in it.

Daiso122012 016

Lil likes the ham and cheese sub sandwich lunchable but I always thought the portions were small and had other snacks included that were high in sugar and had a tiny water bottle with Kool Aid mix.

So here’s a version of Mommy’s Ham and Cheese Sub lunch box Vs. Lunchable. First, I packed Lil’ a 16 oz water bottle plus a 6.75 fl oz fruit & vegetable juice box that unlike that Kool aid mix has Vitamins C, A & E.

DIYLunchbox2012 002

I packed her a Hawaiian Sub Bread, Hormel Deli Ham (No nitrates, no preservatives), Cheddar cheese, and substituted applesauce and oreo cookies with fresh seedless grapes and snack mix.

DIYLunchbox2012 003

DIYLunchbox2012 005

DIYLunchbox2012 009

Below is a quick flashback pic of Lil’s Kindergarten lunchbox. I packed her some lumpia (Filipino eggroll), rice and sauce.


Happy to report that Lil’ came home last Monday with an empty lunchbox and full belly. This lunchbox challenge was a fun process for Lil and I plus it’s been helpful in teaching my kids to eat healthier and enjoy good food. If you have other healthy and fun lunchbox ideas, please do share!


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  1. Fantastic! Glad you are making healthier lunches and that MOMables could help! 🙂

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