Daiso Haul

Yesterday, Lil and I finally got to get Mommy and Me time!  And the morning called for SHOPPING! We had fun window shopping and buying a few Christmas gifts for the family. Our last stop was at Daiso (japanese discount store). The mission was to find her a nice bento lunch box but they surprisingly  didn’t have any. We decided to buy their clear lunch box and some mini containers to create compartments in her DIY bento lunch box (I’ll post that later).

We also found a few other things we could use. All of the items we bought cost $1.50 each.

Lil and Emmy love miso soup. So we bought them one miso bowl each. Bumble bee for Emmy and Teddy bowl for Lil.

Daiso122012 004

Emmy’s been playing “picky eater” the last few weeks. And recently the only way I can get her to finish her food is to let her wash her empty plate. She likes the idea and we’ve successfully had no “I don’t want to eat that” incidents the last two days. We found these cute animal dish sponges and are going to use them for rinsing and washing dishes with Emmy.

Daiso122012 003

We also got little packs of tissues. Always nice to have one in your purse or in Lil’s case backpack.

Daiso122012 007

Lil found this cute clip hanger for her bathroom. Since she’s still actively taking swim classes, it’s a perfect hanger for her swim cap and goggles.

Daiso122012 008

Daiso122012 023

Passing by their stationery aisle reminded me of how my friends  and I would correspond by writing letters during the summer or even write notes to each other in between class or on special occasions like Christmas, etc. Lil took interest in the idea of writing letters to her friends and bought these two stationery sets.

Daiso122012 012

Next, we found this cute mini tripod. Perfect fit for small camera and easy to pack in your purse. Comes handy for the dining out photos with friends and taking pictures of food at the table.

Daiso122012 010

Daiso122012 017

Daiso122012 018

The attachment on the top of tripod can tilt. And legs can be extended.

Daiso122012 022

Lastly, we got this cute lantern that had a built in led light. Pic was taken with camera on tripod.

Daiso122012 019


2 Comments Add yours

  1. coreymp says:

    Love them all! Especially the lantern. I need to go to Daiso one of these days. Thanks for sharing!

  2. nikita2471 says:

    I’m jealous! I wanna go shopping there again!

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