Day 2 Photo A Day Challenge ( a day late)

Day 2, LUNCHTIME. We’re currently getting a taste of end of summer heatwave. So I thought I’d cool off and eat lunch at our patio, only another party was very much interested in my lunch.

Not even the “Cone of Shame” would keep this guy from my meal

In case you’re curious why Bailey’s wearing “cone of shame”, we caught him nibbling on a cut he got from the pet groomer’s razor (was not happy about that), so to further deter him from causing anymore damage we opted to put the “cone of shame” on temporarily.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. nikita2471 says:

    Awww, the cone of shame!!! Poor Bailey!!!

    1. cmbanerjee says:

      I know, he’s feeling much better today

  2. coreymp says:

    I feel bad for Bailey, but the cone is for his own good. Don’t worry Bailey, you’ll be better soon. I love the pic!

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