Emmy Says the Darndest Things

It’s amazing how quickly children grow. Over a year ago, the only words out of Emmy’s mouth were two word syllables like baba, mama, dada. Followed by real words like, “eat”, “sleep”, “play”, “go”, “NO!” and “Mine!”. Now she’s graduated to full sentences. Her statements and inquiries often times catch us off guard and amuse us to no end.

Here are a some of my favorite ones:

Today at the produce aisle, I contemplated out loud on whether I should get some cabbage. Emmy then said,“Mommy I like cabbage. Don’t you?”

At the dinner table: (this has happened a few times.) She’ll reach out for my hand and look me straight in the eye and ask,“Are you my family?”. I reply, “Yes sweetie, I’m family. I’m your mother.” She quietly smiles and pulls her hand away.

Dinner table:  “Mommy, are you my mother?”. I reassure her, “Yes, Emmy I’m your mother and you’re my daughter.”  She disagrees, “No, I’m not your daughter, my name’s Emmy.”

When it comes to her clothes, toys or books: “Who gave this to me?”

Early June, we decided to take Lil’s bunk bed down, so we could train Emmy to sleep in her own bed instead of toddler/crib bed. Here’s what Emmy had to say when we presented the new bed arrangement. “It’s a dream come true.” She just sat there with a happy gaze while my husband looked at me in amazement. He quietly asked me, “Did you just hear that?” (Serenity now!)

When tripping or falling over: Emmy almost immediately reassures everyone with, “I’m ok, I’m ok.”

When it comes to her art: Emmy will play with her toys and sometimes start doing what I call “Emmy’s Art Installation” version where she either scatters/ lines up her toys carefully and strategically. When she’s done, she exclaims, “Tadaah!”

Below is a photo taken by my mom of Emmy showing off the cherries she just picked. Speaking of picking,  a quick note to myself: I need to be aware of what words I use especially when I curse like a sailor when a driver cuts me off on the road. Never know what new word she might pick up next.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. coreymp says:

    I love this post! I was laughing so hard that I almost forgot I was cooking. LOL.
    Great lines. Can’t wait to hear what she’ll say next. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. cmbanerjee says:

      I know Emmy’s a character. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Teelian says:

    From the mouth of babes are words of authenticity and truth not to forget their logic. That is the reason why being a parent is a gift because we are molding and shaping our children every moment. The joys are more than the challenges; when you look deeper into the essence of parenthood. Enjoy all the moments. Love your candor in sharing.


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