School’s Out!

It’s been awhile since my last post. Our summer schedule has been filled with Lil’s daily swim classes, playdates, and entertaining visiting friends and family.

Here’s a recap of what’s happened before summer break:

March highlight: St. Patrick’s day, my husband was enjoying a nice cold one that day and guess who else had his eyes on the BEER.

Our royal mutt, Bailey is seen here playing with his fave bone on St. Patty’s. Check out the intensity in his eyes as he reacts to a knock on the door.

APRIL Highlight: Mom spends her 67th birthday in California. We decided to take her to wine country for the weekend. My husband found a quaint 3 bedroom cottage for rent in Sonoma County where my mom, our kids, my sister’s family, my husband and I enjoyed great food, wine and quality family time together.

The kids loved the Sonoma cottage’s backyard. Emmy was amazed at the backyard’s enormity and she made sure to cover every square foot.

Lil loved the wildflowers and other spring blooms. Here are a few of them.

My super brother-in-law made us dinner the first night. Here’s his signature crispy chicken sandwich with homemade coleslaw. Yummy!

The kids also enjoyed the mini heirloom tomatoes.

The next day, my husband took us to Cafe 522. Great service and food! Here’s what we ate.

Kids enjoyed a warm bowl of mac and cheese.

My husband and sister had the duck confit, waffles and poached farm egg.

I had Niman Ranch Burger. Mom had fromage blanc pancakes (blueberry pancakes) and I forget what my brother-in-law had.:)

Our super nice waiter’s t-shirt had an interesting statement both my sister’s husband and mine agreed with.

After brunch we went across the street into a local park where we found a crowd of film enthusiasts celebrating “Sonoma International Film Festival”. We didn’t get a chance to watch any of the films but enjoyed the relaxed and fun atmosphere nonetheless.

My sister and I decided to take mom to an old mission while the kids played in the park. The Sonoma Mission was only a few blocks away from the park.

Finally, you can’t be in wine country and not have wine.

Upon our return, our royal mutt, Bailey was so happy to be home from the kennel. He dove right into the couch. Look at his crazed look as he emerged from behind the couch pillows. Priceless.


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  1. nikita2471 says:

    Ahh, I have to go to Wine Country on my next visit! You had tons of fun there!

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