The Promise of Spring

With February coming to a close, Emmy and I recently took advantage of the peeking sun’s warm presence and ventured out into our local park.

Here’s Emmy enjoying the sight of green grass and her little hands slyly plucking small blooms from the ground.

Back at the house we took a stroll outside and found the cherry blossom trees in bloom. The photo I took below shows two flowers sprouting from its tree trunk, such beauty!

We looked up and were mesmerized by the beautiful floral display the cherry blossoms created.  We’re enjoying nature’s moments as we watch a new season unfold.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. nikita2471 says:

    Spring brings tornado weather to my parts! I miss old spring when it was just in the 70s with normal rain and NO HUMIDITY! Love the cherry blossom pic!

  2. cmbanerjee says:

    Tornadoes yikes! Wishing you tornado free weather in the spring. Love the cherry blossom pic too, thanks!

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