My year and a half year old little kiddie Emmy is quickly growing before our eyes. And recently introduced us to her new found vocabulary. Most of her words are clear as day and the others are completely foreign.

Take for example, a few weekends ago , she came up to me and in a commanding voice said, “Barbeque!”. My husband overheard her and chimed in, “Sounds like a great idea for lunch Emmy”. She walked away and then proceeded to approach me and again demanded, “Barbeque, mommy!” I knelt down and asked if she was hungry. She said, “No, barbeque mommy.” Her little toddler hands took mine and led me to the living room. She pointed to the television. “Barbeque!”. I turned to look for help to Lil’ who was usually good with translating her sister’s words but she quickly shrugged her shoulders and went back to reading. Frustrated, Emmy dug through our dvds and came back to me with one in hand. “”Barbeque mommy” she said handing me the dvd.

On the cover, it read “Barbie’s Sing -Along”. Light bulb. “Oh Barbie!” She quickly nodded with excitement.Press play. Singing toddler. Problem solved.

Other word, lost in translation. The word: “Poon”.

Emmy: “Poon pwease Mommy.”

Mommy: “You want to poo?”

Emmy: “Yes, poon.”

Mommy: “Ok, let’s go potty.”

Emmy: “No poon Mommy.”

Lil: “I think she wants a spoon Mommy”

Mommy: “You want a spoon?”

Emmy: “Yes, poon Mommy”

Mommy: “Spoon!”



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  1. Wonderful! Currently my girls (15 months) are exploring language themselves. This means mimicking EVERYTHING we say (for one of them anyway, the other is quite content with her t’uh and t’ee!) and pointing at stuff going “Ab-bah!” in a demanding tone. So far I have yet to figure out what “Ab-bah!” means but it seems self-evident for her. Also they are now developing their own twinspeak so there are conversations going on the hallway that I am really not a part of. Strange experience. I can’t wait until they say actual short sentences like your Emmy!

    1. cmbanerjee says:

      15 months old and twins, wow! let me know when you figure out what “Ab-bah!” means, now that’s mind boggling. Elusive hallway “twinspeak”, that’s just adorable!

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