Happy Reading

Our local library was promoting a “Summer Reading Game” and naturally, Lil who’s an avid reader was happy to sign up. The objective of the game was to promote literacy in the community, it also rewards young readers for their efforts to read and learn. The program recently ended and Lil’s reading paid off, she got to put her name on our library’s “wall of fame”, got to pick out a few little trinkets from the library treasure box (silly bands, stinkers, erasers) plus she won a complimentary ticket to Charles M. Schultz’s Museum.





















Here’s some of the books we recently checked out from the library. I found a book about Ernest Hemingway’s life as a writer (excited to read it) and Lil found some art history books, chapter books and picture books.Happy reading!


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  1. Tee Lian says:

    The world of books and the joy of traveling with your imagination.
    Writers have the expansive freedom to create a world to their liking
    and a world they fully control.
    They are the storytellers who open doors in a world of endless
    possibilties and where life happens.

    Good to start children young in reading habits. It motivates them
    to talk about it and write about it from their perspective.

    Enjoy Ernest Hemingway…..

    Tee Lian

  2. Teelian says:

    I enjoy reading your blog because it is full of interesting pictures, content and ideas.
    I look forward to read more when I drop by and visit your blog.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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