Just when I decided to take off my IPhone 4 cover for a day, this happens. How it happened? A couple weeks ago, after an exhausting day at Happy Hollow Zoo, we were all ready to retire from the heat. I was putting Emmy in her carseat when somehow my phone slipped out of my purse. CRASH! I attempted to catch it but Emmy was not quite buckled in yet. Oh well, thankfully it still works!

Do you ever get that panicky feeling when you’ve somehow misplaced your cell phone? Well, I have and what’s worst is I can’t call it because I’ve realized that I put it in on vibrate/silent mode the night before. So I go retrace my steps and go through the motions of a frantic search. And once I’ve recovered it, I hold on to it like Gollum, “My precious”. Seriously pathetic! I took the crash and break IPhone incident as a sign that I was getting a technology overload. So, I decided to take a little break from technology. Taking trips to the library, park with the kids, taking a dip in the pool, hanging out and having real conversations with friends and family have all helped in keeping me away from the ridiculous daily need to check email or facebook or my cell phone. I’ve cut the the 3 times a day checking routine to once a day. Not bad, right.


Another sign came, well, in an email, lol. Writing has always been my passion. And in recent years, I’ve written and produced a few short digital films. My friend Nikita sent me this cute short film called “Sign Language”. I’m inspired! Thanks Nikita! Off to do more productive things other than checking email etc.


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