What’s The Hurry!

I despise street bullies! I’m referring to the driver who longs to tailgate you at a red light. A red light! It’s a red light, red means stop not go! Or the speed junkie who thinks our small residential road is their German autobahn. Or the driver who carelessly makes a blind turn at a pedestrian crosswalk and has the nerve to get angry. Talk about the need to put your defensive driving and pedestrian awareness mode in full effect.

I really don’t see the point in hurrying to a destination when you’re late. Time moves forward. So what’s the hurry! Like getting pulled over and getting a speeding ticket will get you to wherever you need to go sooner. Or a collision will brighten your day. You want to get there on time, get up early!

Or you have these reckless bastards bruising the streets with their carelessness and the highway patrol is nowhere to be found.

Remember the speed junkie, well, we’ve had numerous of them go full speed ahead in our 20 mph street complex’s speed limit. Thankfully, our HOA (Home Owner’s Association) has taken notice and decided to put speed bumps. I was so happy, I took some pictures and felt it was a Kodak moment. I’ll be even more happy to see the sad and annoyed faces on Mr./Ms. Speedster.

Drive safely!


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