Little Team

Now and then I’ve heard a parent at work gripe about how his kid didn’t play well at their soccer game or despise their kid’s coach. Or you read in the news how some parents get into a fight with another parent or get on their kid’s case while at the sidelines in a little league game or soccer match. Or you hear kids dreading to play at a sports match. Or just seeing kids not having fun at all can be disheartening.

While browsing on Vimeo, I found this touching mini documentary piece on a youth soccer team from the Catalonia region of Spain. What I like so much about it was the fact that the young players candidly acknowledged their weaknesses in the game. I also felt their realistic optimism on their losses and hopeful future gains in the game was very refreshing and admirable. It was great to see kids just play and have fun playing the sport. Plus, the coach was equally laid back and supportive of his team. Wish we’d see this more often in our own local youth sports arena.

Watch it!


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