No. 1 or 2 ?

Recently, Emmy has started referring to her wet diaper as “poop poop” and has shown a lot of interest in the potty business. Note to self: teach Emmy to differentiate the two, No. 1 for pee and No. 2 for “poop poop”.

On the otherhand, I think her interest is great and all but I’m going to try and enjoy the “still on diapers” ride for as long as possible. I’m not so excited about the “I got to pee Mommy!” and there’s not one bathroom in sight situation.  Or the unpredictable bowel accidents occurring um at let’s say the middle of dinner in a restaurant. But I will definitely face that challenge open arms when the time comes.

In the meantime, I always keep my eyes open for any product that presents the possibility of making my life easier and keeping the kiddies comfortable. And today at Emmy’s Gymboree class I was introduced to Potette Plus. One of the mom’s came out of the bathroom and was folding what look like a toilet training seat. It was small enough to tuck away in your stroller basket or backpack. I quickly inquired, “That’s neat, where’d you get it?”  She smiled at me with the “where else” look, “Babies ‘R Us”. Ok, thanks lady. Small talk over.

Potette Plus  as described at Babies ‘R Us site is a 2 in 1 portable potty and trainer designed for camping trips, long drive or vacation use. You can also buy the potty liners for portable potty use. Here’s the picture they had on their website. Cost: $16.99 online. Its going on my “To Buy” list 🙂

Do you have any favorite potty training or baby products? Please do share!

Image via Babies R Us


2 Comments Add yours

  1. nikita2471 says:

    Hmm, not bad to keep the travel potty in the car trunk for those emergencies! I’m sure Emmy will be able to differentiate between pee pee and poop poop when you do actually start potty training her!

  2. cmbanerjee says:

    Yes, indeed! Thanks Nikita! How’s spending time with you little nieces going?

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