Taste Test

The checkout line in Target this morning was surprisingly long today. So to pass the time, I glanced at a few tabloid magazines, looked at the variety of chewing gum flavors, then my eyes locked in with my biggest weakness, chocolate. There they lay conveniently showcasing themselves on an overcrowded shelf. KitKat bar boasted “I got wafer and chocolate”, Snickers bar hollered, “peanut butter squared”, M&M’s bag gave me the c’mon line “Eat me and get a chance to Win 1 Million dollars.”

What caught my eye next was Hershey’s new Air Delight aerated chocolate bar. I’m a big fan of Hershey’s chocolate products but I also love Nestle’s Aero chocolate. So there was only one thing to do, buy the new bar and give it a taste test. I luckily found an Aero bar in my sweet stash. With a sip of water in between bites, my chocolate crazy palate was torn between the two. Hershey’s definitely nailed the airy texture that Aero bar has. As for sweetness, this Hershey bar was not timid about adding more sugar. Although the ingredient label claimed it only had 22 g of sugar, it definitely tasted sweeter than Aero’s 24 g sugar content.

In the end, I pick Hershey’s Air Delight for several reasons: 1st, my mom who lives in Canada doesn’t have to worry about packing Aero chocolate bars in her handcarry when she visits, 2nd I don’t have to buy overpriced Aero bars from our local World Market stores and Hershey’s Air Delight definitely ranked high with chocolate goodness. What satisfies your sweet tooth?


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  1. nikita says:

    I remember my first Aero bar was when I went to Montreal for the first time! I bought it at a local grocery store and fell in love with it! After that, whenever my Canadian friends would ask me what I wanted from Canada, I’d tell them to send me Aero bars!

    I’m glad they are finally being sold in the US! Wish more chocolates from Canada/Europe were sold here for less!

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