Summer Reading

School’s out! This means planning activities for the girls. Aside from Gymboree classes for Emmy, swimming classes for Lil’ and sports camp, we are stocking up on books from our local library. Lil’ just completed her 2nd grade and has upgraded from picture books to chapter books, so we have a mix of both picture books for Emmy and chapter books for Lil.

My 17-month-old, Emmy's getting a head start on reading

We also joined our library’s summer reading program, it’s called “Reading Around the World”. For every 30 minutes Lil’ reads or gets read to, she earns a stamp that entitles her to win a prize from the library. I think its a great way to encourage the kiddies to read and learn to enjoy reading. So far she’s earned 5 stamps. We also started a “new word” journal where she writes down new words and we play “find the word in the dictionary”.

This has also been a big great alternative to television watching and playing video games. We have limited those activities to 1 to 1 1/2 hours per day combined. I have noticed an improvement in Lil’s attention span, she’s more alert, happy and content.

Emmy’s also taken great interest in books. We looked through our library of books at home and had little luck finding books for her age group. We might have to swing by Half Price Books store and buy a few keepers. We did find a lot of Level 1/ Early Reader books.

Here are some of our early reader favorites:

1. Fancy Nancy books by Jane O ‘Connor– great for building your little ones vocabulary, Lil’s personal  favorite’: “Fancy Nancy’s Boy from Paris”

2. Ferdinand by Munro Leaf- Lil especially loves this endearing story of a small  town bull from Spain.

3. Corduroy-classic children’s story, great illustrations.

4. Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans– love the illustrations and introduces word rhyming

5. Olivia by Ian Falconer-promotes creativity and pretend play

Happy reading!


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  1. nikita says:

    Have you thought about checking out any garage sales or a local Goodwill/Salvation Army store? My mom bought a ton of Disney books from a garage sale last weekend for Nora! 7 books for 50 cents total! They were the same exact books she had bought for me when I was young. The one she wanted to get the most was Cinderella because it was my favorite. The books were in mint condition too!

    Anyhow, our local Goodwill/Salvation Army stores have tons of children books for super cheap! Less than $2 and it’s always the classics.

    Love that pic of Emmy reading “Emma”! Maybe she’ll turn out to be a matchmaker when she grows up?

  2. coreymp says:

    Love Emmy’s pic. Great tips! I need to run out and get some good books for both me and my little one.

    1. cmbanerjee says:

      Thanks Corey! Let me know what finds you come across book shopping would love to hear about it!

  3. cmbanerjee says:

    I will have to check out those places too, thanks! Lil’ has a stack of Disney classics. I’m looking for those peek-a-boo interactive learning books. We found a few from Target’s dollar section. Yes, she’s a cutie, its funny how she opened the book and looked like she was seriously reading it. Future matchmaker, lol, you never know 🙂

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