Almost Fit to be King

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding definitely took the world by storm. Nowadays, the tabloids are screaming “Pippa!” I want to take a quick break from that and introduce you to a 25 lb. character who took our home by storm two years ago.

Meet Sir Bailey, our cavapoo. Cava-who? Bailey’s a crossbreed between a cavalier king charles and poodle. To breeders he’s known as a designer dog. To us, he is affectionately known as our Royal Mutt. See pictures below to see why he’s earned that title.

A king must mark his territory
Focus: His highness looks on with great intent
Self Confidence: "Who's that good looking canine?"
His highness must have only the finest bones. How many can he eat at one time? I wonder.
Got Bib?
Bailey appreciates a good sport. Soccer anyone?
Never coach. Only first class sitting.
Good looks. Aren't I good looking enough for a walk?
Grooming. Hot summers call for a good trim. Meet Sir Bailey!
Public service: Bailey naturally took on his nursemaid role to our youngest daughter Emmy
Dedication: Tired after a hard day of work
Lap of luxury.
Incognito. Let me be paparazzi
Picture speaks for itself 🙂

One Comment Add yours

  1. coreymp says:

    Loved all the pics. He’s definitely a Royal Mutt. LOL.

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