Clean House

Procrastination sure has a way of catching up with you. I finally got to do real spring cleaning in our garage. It came to a point where I felt too embarrassed to open our garage door with the fear of having our spic and span clean neighbor gaze at our hoarders- like car’s quarters. I’d usually strap the kiddies in first then open the garage, back-up and quickly draw the door down. But last Saturday was the day to execute my “clean house” mission.

My husband parked both our cars in guest parking and took care of the kids. Frankly, I was better off doing the task on my own rather than hearing my other half whine about the chaos below. Thankfully, I wasn’t completely alone, our royal mutt, Bailey decided to join me and rummage through all the junk and clutter. With gloves on hand, plastic garbage bags, broom, moving boxes and garbage can, I was ready to attack this hibernating mess.

First stop, our crawl space, it’s basically the basement version of an attic. It pays to be five feet one. Crawling in a tight space can be challenge. My four-legged friend had no trouble walking in and out. He quickly found a ball to play with.

Ready, set, go! Haul old stuff out. Sort. Toss. Keep. Box stuff. Organize. Repeat. Haul. Sort. Toss. Keep. Box. Organize.Reminisce.Funny, how I almost never fail to come across “my memories” box whenever I’m cleaning and find myself in a nostalgic mood. I was tempted to sit down and look through it. Nope, no time for that. Focus! Haul. Toss. Keep. Box. Organize. Repeat.

Up above, another kind of chaos was quickly developing. I could hear Emmy’s impatient whining increase. Lil’s light feet quickly running to aid her dad’s failing attempt to entertain our 16 month old baby girl. On the otherhand, I was completely content to be in my own chaos below.

I was on a roll, taking only quick minute breaks to catch my breathe. I decided to store stuff we wanted to keep for the winter (christmas decor, clothes) in the back of the crawl space and keep everything else we needed now accessible (luggage for our upcoming summer travel, beach gear, paper towels, etc). Up against one side of our garage walls were 7 giant moving boxes filled with 7 years of clothes, small appliances, toys, books, and decor. All headed to the nearest Goodwill or Salvation Army.

Hours later, my back hurting, my legs and feet sore, I stood in the middle of our garage grinning with accomplishment. In my hand, I held my reward, my unused Homedics foot spa. Oh it’s going to be put to good use now. On my side, Bailey, gnawing on his own find, an old raw hide bone that he found in his puppy carrier.

I can now finally say, “Hello neighbor!”


2 Comments Add yours

  1. coreymp says:

    Looooooved your post! I can relate in so many ways. It’s amazing how much junk we can accumulate through the years. I cannot wait to get started in cleaning and organizing our home. Thanks for the post. It was very entertaining and inspiring.

  2. nikita2471 says:

    😛 You should have taken a before and after pic!!

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