Still Standing

Imagine this, it’s 2:30am, you’re barely awake and you’re sitting on a cot. In six hours, you should be boarding a plane bound for your dream family vacation in the Hawaiian islands. Only problem is you’re in the emergency room, holding your little girl’s hand and she’s burning up with a 104 fever. This was me over a month ago.

Spring break was fast approaching. My husband booked our flight and resort lodging for our long awaited trip to Hawaii.  Our island of choice, Kauai.   A couple days before the day of departure, Lil’ developed a cold that triggers her asthma. The night before our flight day, she developed a fever and her tonsils were swollen. At the emergency room, Lil shivered with her chills and asked, “Mommy, we’re still going to Hawaii, right?”. I said, “Of course we will, we just need to make sure you get better first.” My aloha spirit was beginning to wane as the nurse would come intermittently and check on Lil’s unyielding high temperature.

We passed the time playing I-Spy, Lil’ taught me some of the games she plays with her school friends and I shared with her some fond memories of my childhood. We laughed and hugged. And for a moment forgot we were in the ER.  Two and half hours later the ER doctor made his entrance and asked me the routine questions. I told him we were to catch a flight in a few hours and needed to know if she was ok to fly. He furrowed his eyebrows as he examined her. “Say aahhh.” He scratched his chin and declared, “You definitely have something developing in there.” What’s the good news?! “The good news is her ears look clear which means she is medically cleared to fly. We’ll have to put her on antibiotics immediately. Have a good trip.” You see this was really great news because Lil’s wish would come true plus our trip was the non-refundable package deal.

A few hours later, the pilot announced, “Alright folks we are headed out to Kauai and should arrive on time.” My heart swelled with happiness as I watched Lil smiling quietly in her seat, excitement brimming in her big round beautiful eyes.

Touchdown. We settled in our two bedroom condo and the girls and I quickly joined their dad in the lanai to take in the ocean breeze.

Day 1 and 2 were definitely challenging, Lil was still fighting her on and off again fever and cough. We made it a ritual to walk every morning on the beach. And by day 3 Lil was running and splashing around in the water. Every morning she would exclaim, “I love it here! I’m so glad we came!”. Yes, I’m so glad we did. It was definitely a roller coaster ride but I’m happy to say we’re all still standing. Our Kauai memories will be in our top family vacation list. Mahalo Kauai until we meet again. Enjoy our Kauai snapshots below 🙂

Morning dew on yellow hibiscus flower.
Our oceanfront view

Early Kauai morning
Mini beach sand dunes

Lush green

Shot taken early evening at a random beach we found in the North Shore past Hanalei. I could rest my feet in the powdery sand for hours.
Morning beach ritual
Still Standing (shadow play)

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  1. coreymp says:

    Oh I am so glad Lil’ is doing better and that you were able to go to your Hawaii trip. Great job hanging in there. Loved the pics.

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