The Doctor’s In and It’s Not Looking Pretty

Mother’s day weekend went by in a flash. Overall, minus the “pink eye”, I had a fun laid back day with my girls, my husband and our four legged friend. I scored a handmade card from Lil, a big tight leg hug from my little cling- on Emmy and a humorous “Happy Mother’s Day to the Best Wife” card from my better half , plus a sweet gift card. Sadly, the “pink eye”  lingered. And the swelling in the eye had gotten worse and had a lot of drainage.  I was quick to schedule an appointment with my doctor today. She came in to see me and said, “OMG! We have to get you to an eye specialist stat!” I’ll spare you the pictures or detailed visual image of my sad wretched right eye. Thankfully, I got an appointment with the eye doctor who said that it was not “pink eye” but was a bad eye infection. He suspects from an eye injury or sty that was unable to express itself out of the eye. So I’m now on oral antibiotics and hoping it all works out. Now you may ask, how did I get it then? I remembered a few days before the sty hit center stage, my sweet Emmy and I were playing and she accidentally grabbed my right cheek but scratched my eye in the process. So I have a feeling that may have been the root cause. The hazards of childcare. Lol! All in a mom’s day’s work!


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