It’s My Life :)

7 ½ years ago I found myself in awe at the miracle of life, as I held my precious 6.5 lb baby girl in my arms.   Her presence soon gave us a peek at how our lives would quickly take a 360 turn from our once self-absorbed lives as single adults.  All eyes and ears were on her.  A year had passed and she turned one.  And I was still reacquainting myself with my now new motherly figure.   Her 2nd birthday came and went.  And I found myself reminiscing at a grocery line as I watched a new mother sway her baby to sleep.  Another mother was frantically rummaging through her purse for some form of collateral to appease her little boy’s pending meltdown.   It felt good to have familiar company around.

The “Mommy and Baby” bubble soon popped and my daughter and I were park and neighborhood stroller socialites.  Playdates came aplenty.  And birthday parties seemed to never cease.  I joined the workforce and my little one joined her little newbie comrades in daycare.  Then the big day came.  Kindergarten.   I was petrified.  How would my sweet baby deal?  Her Dora backpack in hand and a big smile she bravely marched into her now “big girl” status.   Funny how parents are the most unnerved in these situations more than their kids are.  My baby girl sailed through Kindergarten and welcomed first grade with open arms.

Valentines 2009, we decided that getting a family dog was a perfect welcome addition to our small family of three.  $600 poorer we had our designer dog comfortably wrapped in his new master’s arms, my 6 year old daughter Lil’.   Her winning smile and gentle affection for this little puppy was enough to compensate for our biggest splurge yet.  Our furry friend was what they call a cavapoo, a cross breed between a Cavalier King Charles and poodle. To me he is affectionately known as our Royal Mutt.

With summer fast approaching, my vacation planning was in full gear.  My husband and I figured it was high time to hit the Hawaiian Islands and reward ourselves with a relaxing family getaway.  This of course called for summer dresses and bathing suit shopping.  Everything was falling into place until the unexpected happened.  And before I could even say aloha, my little family and I received exciting news, a plus sign.  Our royal mutt excitedly wagged his furry tail thinking the white stick with the plus sign was a doggy treat.  My daughter wondered if this was a new mathematical device. My husband and I looked at each other.  Our eyes welled up with tears.  Then looking back at them we said, “We’re having a baby!”

Change of plans.  So long Hawaii! See ya later!

My already hectic schedule doubled with my quickly sprouting pregnant belly.  I had my hands full with full time work, puppy house potty training, shuttling 1st grader to and from school, and taking care of all the miscellaneous household chores.  And in a blink of an eye 2009 was over.

Welcome 2010 and hello big round heavy belly! End of January and a day and half of labor I delivered our beautiful baby girl Emmy!  Hello sleepless nights…


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