Around the Globe (Session 3)

Today the girls learned about Switzerland and Bailey (our royal mutt) even took some interest in the pictures of the Alpine trees.


The girls were surprised to hear that Switzerland has four official languages and noticed that there were no bodies of water surrounding it.  They referenced back to the other two countries they learned about and checked to see if Thailand and Brazil had a seacoast or if it was landlocked like Switzerland. It was great to see them take the initiative to find geographic similarities and differences with these countries.


Emmy aced her “Spot It” flag game.  She was amused to see pictures of the Alpine Ibex, school life, transportation, food and photos of the famous mountain, Matterhorn.  The older girls also had fun doing currency conversions.


At the end of the class, the girls enjoyed melting cheese and trying their first cheese fondue experience together.  So much so that in between bites Emmy emphatically exclaimed, “Mommy, I love learning about the world!” Lil and her friend nodded in agreement.  Next stop, Zimbabwe. :)

Maui Daydream

Yesterday, the girls and I had a fun time reminiscing on our spring break trip to Maui last year.  After, browsing through the videos and pictures, we all agreed that we definitely want to go back.


This trip was special because my mom was able to join us for the first time on a family trip. Lil and my mom were roommates. Here’s a couple candid pictures, I took of my two favorites ladies capturing the Hawaiian sunrise.



My husband found a great deal on Costco travel for both times we traveled to Kauai (1st visit) and Maui (last visit).  In Maui, we got to stay in beautiful Kapalua Villas.  Unlike, a regular hotel room, the girls had space outside to run around while we sat back, relaxed and watched the ocean view.


My sister-in-law chasing after Emmy whose made it past our villa.


For shopping, we went to Lahaina where the girls saw various sized ukelele’s, local wood carvings, and souvenir shirts. Emmy was surprised to see so many ABC stores (they’re souvenir shops).







The family and I enjoyed the Hawaiian mixed plates. Here’s a kalua pork rice plate with rice and traditional macaroni salad.


Walkway to beach


Banyan tree



Face on banyan tree root.

We found this manipulated photograph of a banyan tree at one of Lahaina’s art galleries.


We treated mom and the family to a luau. The girls enjoyed watching the Hawaiian dancers and loved their lei necklaces. Emmy joined a pre-dinner hula lesson too.


Mai tai’s anyone?

IMG_3363 IMG_3376

The girls also had fun playing mini golf and riding bumper boats.




Check out my previous post on our dining experience at Maui’s Star Noodle. Maui and Kaui have definitely left a wonderful imprint in our hearts and unforgettable memories to cherish.  Aloha Hawaii…until we meet again. :)





Around the Globe (Session 2)

Last week, the girls enjoyed our first “Around the Globe” learning session about Brazil. This week we virtually made our way to Asia and they learned about Thailand. The girls were excited but our royal mutt, Bailey was in a lethargic mood.


The girls were surprised to learn that there were still living Kings and Queens in other parts of the world. They also enjoyed seeing pictures of exotic birds like the blue flycatcher bird pictured below.

Picture of one Thailand's King

Picture of one Thailand’s King



Using flashcards, Emmy loved starting off the class with the “Spot It” flag game.


Instead of a pop quiz, the girls got to put their writing skills to practice in our “Pen Pal” activity. They pretended to write a friendly letter to another child in Thailand. The goal of the writing exercise was to share something about themselves and also ask questions.  The girls also learned how to say hello in Thai.


Emmy worked on a matching type and coloring sheet. I also helped her write out her pen pal letter.


We made a favorite Thai dessert, mango sticky rice.  I found a friendly recipe from Cooking with a Wallflower.


Overall, the girls had another fun learning session. I couldn’t find a traditional Thai Buddha as a souvenir for them but they loved the happy Buddhas I got them from World Market. :) Next stop, Switzerland.  Happy Weekend!

image_1happy buddha


Summer Reading

Summer break with the family is a great time to travel and also one of the best times to spend quality time and read books to our little ones.

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For other fun children’s book recommendations, check out one of my favorite resources, Amelie’s Bookshelf. Happy summer reading!

Brazil (Around the Globe, Session 1)

Last Thursday, the girls had their first, “Around the Globe” session.  The country they randomly picked out from the world map was Brazil.  We started the class by stamping their passports.  Next, the older girls quickly took on the task of locating Brazil on the map, finding the continent (South America), its capital Brasilia and popular destinations like Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paulo.  Guess who else joined us?


I showed Emmy a picture of Brazil’s flag and she was happy to play a game of “Spot It” on flash cards.


Using the Fun Fact sheet, the older girls (Lil and her bff) took down notes during the lecture.


They had fun looking at the pictures of animals from the rainforest and seeing slices of life in Brazil.  It was great to see the girls ask questions. It showed me that they were interested and eager to learn.  Towards the end of the class, I gave the girls a pop quiz. For Emmy, I printed out a coloring page and with the help of clip art made a matching type sheet for her.

brazilsheet (2)

brazilsheet (1)

At the end of the class, the girls got to try some banana flavored Brazilian cookies and received a sweet souvenir.  The girls had a fun time! Next stop, Thailand. :)





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“Izzy Makes Sense” sample page


The girls love taking walks with their dad.  Most of the time, Emmy comes home with a handful of leaves or rocks. Occasionally, both girls will come home with a handpicked bouquet surprise for me or one special bloom. It feels good to get these random expressions of love and affection from them plus the flowers add color to our home.

Lil’s floral bouquet for me


Cherry blossoms



Emmy’s single bloom



After their morning walk, my husband and the royal mutt brought home this sunflower and gladiola  :)