Happy Earth Day 2014

In celebration of Earth Day, Emmy and her classmates last week planted a variety of flowers and vegetables in their school garden. Last year, Emmy brought a bell pepper plant. She picked out a tomato plant this year. She proudly marched towards her teacher and presented her plant.

Teacher Ellen: “What kind of plant did you bring today Emma?”

Emma exclaimed: “It’s a tomato champion!”

It really is. :)


Lil drew the little earth icon for Emmy


Through the years, the girls and I have always had fun planting vegetable plants and flowers. The girls enjoy watering them and seeing them grow. Lil and Emmy especially loved picking the ripe tomatoes off the tomato plant. Here’s a link to some of the plants we’ve planted in the past years.

This year, we’ve decided to plant flowers that need minimum watering. Here’s the poppy flower Emmy and Lil recently planted.



Last February, we took the girls to Half Moon Bay where we found a bookstore called, Inkspell Books. At the cashier counter, they had rows of boxes with books wrapped in brown paper. The lady explained that each book cost $1 and the fun part was not knowing what kind of book you might get. The girls had fun picking out a random book. Emmy’s book turned out to be a really good picture book entitled, “Earth Dance” by Joann Ryder.  Emmy and Lil enjoyed reading the lyrical poem and colorful illustrations. The girls and I would definitely recommend this book as a good read for today’s Earth day celebration.




Happy Earth Day! Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Meet Hummer

Yesterday, I had the most amazing chance meeting with my elusive muse, the hummingbird. I love these birds! I love them so much that the girls and I have set up several hummingbird feeders at our patio. Once in awhile, we get a quick glimpse of this fleeting bird.

Lil knows how much I admire them. As a birthday gift, she gave me this wonderful drawing of her version of the hummingbird.


Yesterday, I was walking past a Pier Imports store when I saw the most beautiful resemblance of a hummingbird on the sidewalk. At first, I thought it was an accessory that fell off their spring lawn decor but I took a closer look and was delighted to see it was a real hummingbird. I quietly knelt next to it for a good two or three minutes which was eternity compared to the split second sightings I’ve had in the past. I looked to see if it was hurt. I was also able to touch its beak and it didn’t even flinch and fly away. Sadly, I wasn’t able to capture that moment on camera. It turns out the little guy who I’ve fondly named, Hummer was just taking a breather from the warm weather.

I’m so glad I looked down on the sidewalk. If I hadn’t looked, I would’ve never seen the bird who was only about an inch and half long.  Luckily, I was able to take a few pictures and some video footage of our meeting because my cellphone ran out of memory space. I put a little video together below. Have a look! :)



Under $5 Deal (Hallmark, Half Price Books)

Today, I found new books for Lil. She’s enjoyed reading “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.”. So, I was delighted to find books two and three at the clearance section for $1 and $2 each.




Also found New York Times bestseller, “Hoot” by Carl Hiaasen for $2


After mailing a package to a friend, I dropped by the Hallmark store and found some pretty good deals. I like jewelry with beads. I found this cute bead necklace with a glass pendant. It used to be $14.99. I got it for $2.



I also found this medium glass jar lemongrass candle for $2.00 (used to be $6.99)



Finally, I got Emmy a Webkinz hamster for $1 (regular price $7.99).  Have a great day everyone!





Ugly, Beautiful

Today, the rain seemed to have taken a backseat. Emmy was ecstatic to see the sunlight come through our window. “Let’s take a walk Mommy!” Who can resist this 4 year old’s enthusiasm? I know, I couldn’t. Plus, it was a good time to run a few errands.

First stop, we had to return some of our library books. The young librarian clerk looked busy sorting through carts of books. We greeted her with a friendly, “hello” and she returned it with an irritated “what do you want?” look.  The young librarian approached us and Emmy blurted out, “Mommy, she’s beautiful!”.  Emmy admiringly looked at the librarian clerk and smiled at her.  The librarian lady looked and smiled back at her. Emmy said, “You’re beautiful!.”. The lady replied with an, “Aaaaawww, you made my day.” Emmy asked, “What do you mean I made your day?” and I explained, “You made her happy.” Emmy proudly replied, “You’re welcome!” The lady’s mood shifted from night to day and checked in our books in lightning speed. She even bid us a sweet goodbye and “See you next time, sweetie.” It was great to see that what could’ve been unpleasant turned into something good. Thanks to Emmy’s sweet compliment.  Good energy.

As promised, I told her I would take her for a walk after the library.  We were both glad to see flowers in bloom. Here are some photos we took.

spring2014e (1)

spring2014e (2)

spring2014c (2)

Emmy smelling some of the flowers. :)

spring2014c (1)

spring2014a (2)

On the way home we bought some daffodils. A small bouquet at Trader Joe’s only cost $1.29. Pretty amazing to watch these flowers bloom plus they bring such great color and energy to a room. Hope you’re all having a great week!

spring2014a (1)spring2014f




Last week, we got a flyer in the mail informing us of a “water shortage emergency” and “mandatory water-use restrictions”. I was surprised to see the restrictions weren’t as strict as I expected. I thought they would discourage use of dishwasher or washing machine or start rationing water. Instead, it only states what type of hose to use or how often to water your lawn, etc.


Here’s the General Water Use Restriction list they gave us.


Last year, Lil’s school had a visit from the water department educating students on how to conserve water.  Here’s a sticker they were giving out to students. The girls have been pretty good about turning off the faucet when they’re soaping their hands or brushing their teeth. Lil also uses leftover water from her school water bottle to water the plants.


The rain gods must be listening because last Monday it started raining. It’s been raining on and off. We’re happy to welcome the rain!



Sushi, Book Fair, Shopping

Last Saturday, I had a fun time in the city with my sister Corey and my bestie Robbie. They both took me out for my post birthday lunch at Tataki Canyon.  The sushi was deeelicious!


After lunch, we headed to Noe Valley Author’s Festival.  Corey was one of the participating local SF authors. It was great to see a variety of genres featured and meet fellow authors.  It was also exciting to see people come by our table and take interest and buy her books, High (a caffeinated love story) and Goodnight World (children’s bedtime book).

Robbie finally gets his copy of High :)

Robbie finally gets his copy of High :)


I also got a chance to check out the other authors’ tables and learn more about their books.  There were three in particular that piqued my interest. The first book was “Twice Heroes” by Tom Graves whose portrait photography and conversations with the Nisei war veterans revealed their amazing stories and takes us to a different time and place in America. He shared his writing process and said he had initially expected to finish the book in four years but it took six years to complete it.  He also mentioned being busy doing talks in different states and sharing this important part of American history.


I also met Mary Jo MConahay, author of Maya Roads, One Woman’s Journey Among the Rainforest People.  She shared her fascination as a journalist for the Mayan tribe and rainforest.  Along with her book she was selling these beautiful bead necklaces made by the indigenous Mayan women. I couldn’t resist and ended up buying two. One for myself and the other for my mom (surprise birthday gift, so I won’t be showing hers here).



Check out the clasp, cool bead work!


Finally, I met first time author of tween graphic novel, “Beautiful”, Marie D’Abreo. Her book looked like an interesting read on the challenges of a young girl’s self-perception.  Sadly, I ran out of spending $ and wasn’t able to get a copy. At the end of the book fair, she gave out free chocolate bars.  For now, I’ll be adding her book to my “To Buy Book Wishlist”


Look at that view! Beautiful San Francisco day!



Alvarado School Playground Mural


It was a fun day! I’m feeling inspired! :) Happy week to one and all!